Friday, December 1, 2023

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    Unraveling the Cryptocurrency Conversation: Insights from Cobie and Fellow Crypto-Twitter Enthusiasts

    As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, the discourse among its enthusiasts becomes more vibrant and insightful. An interesting case in point is the recent Twitter conversation involving the infamous crypto commentator Cobie, and other Twitter users such as @basedkarbon, @soundwavesup36, @0nemorecomma, and @rhizomedeployer. Let’s delve into their perspectives and what they imply for the cryptocurrency market.

    Throwing Darts at Coins: An Observation by @basedkarbon

    @basedkarbon, in response to Cobie’s insights, made an intriguing observation. He argued that, much like in previous market cycles, most altcoins will likely struggle to reclaim their all-time high (ATH) against Bitcoin and Ethereum【36†source】. This, he suggests, paves the way for new altcoins that investors can use to accumulate more Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    “What Cobie is saying is nothing new, would basically be the same. You can throw a dart at coins from previous cycles and they almost never reclaim their ATH against ETH and BTC. Just means there will be new alts that pop up for you to use to get more ETH and BTC.” – @basedkarbon

    @soundwavesup36: Decoding Cobie’s Message

    Another Twitter user, @soundwavesup36, expressed confusion over Cobie’s ‘Goku instant transmission’ reference, indicating the playful and often cryptic nature of crypto-Twitter conversations.

    “Frens, @cobie dropped the Goku instant transmission pfp and gl out there fam tweet. Wat mean?” – @soundwavesup36

    The Reality of Shitcoins: A Perspective from @0nemorecomma

    @0nemorecomma emphasized a well-known fact in the crypto community: over time, many altcoins (pejoratively referred to as ‘shitcoins’) trend towards zero in comparison to Bitcoin. He also recalled that in 2021, many people considered Bitcoin to be old and dated – a perception that has significantly changed as evidenced by its recent performance.

    “Remarkable it takes @cobie to say this for reality to sink in… Well known fact shitcoins trend to zero vs Bitcoin over time… Remember in 2021 when most people thought of Bitcoin as old, dated and a dinosaur coin? They’re all silent now, funny how that works…” – @0nemorecomma

    @rhizomedeployer’s Warning

    Last but not least, @rhizomedeployer warned against basing trading decisions solely on Cobie’s thoughts. This highlights the importance of independent analysis and decision-making in the crypto market.

    “Who the fuck cares what Cobie thinks. If you’re basing your trading decisions on some irrelevant British scammer then idk what to tell you – you deserve to be shaken out and not make it.” – @rhizomedeployer


    These conversations serve as a microcosm of the wider cryptocurrency discourse, reflecting diverse perspectives and insights. As the market continues to evolve, the discourse will become even more fascinating. As we observe, learn, and participate, it’s vital to remember that quote (“As the world of cryptocurrency”, “the cryptocurrency market”).

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