Monero wallet balance gone after force quitting the app on a stuck “Creating transaction” screen Leave a comment

Here is what I did:

  • Created a wallet from Hardware using my ledger nano s
  • Connected to remote node – at port 18089
  • Balance was successfully synced
  • Clicked on Send, selected Amount = All, added Kraken address
  • Checked the transaction on the ledger Nano S, rejected it because I wanted to double-check something
  • Again, clicked on Send, selected Amount = All, added Kraken address
  • The Monero GUI got stuck on the "Creating Transaction" screen, so I force quit the app
  • Since then the balance is gone
  • I added another wallet from my ledger to check if the balance would show up then but no success

I am pretty sure I did not sign any transaction so the balance should not be gone, right? Any ideas how to fix this?


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