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First of all restoring my wallet is not an issue, no inocent XMR’s are being harmed here.

My issue my pc crashed with my wallet open I am using monero-gui latest version on Ubuntu.

While starting the monero-gui after a reboot the monero-wallet-gui does not want to open the wallet anymore

ERROR   frontend    src/wallet/api/wallet.cpp:416   Error opening wallet with password:  internal error: "/path/to/monero-storage/redacted/redacted.keys" is opened by another wallet program

Being curious to which program/user was having this keys file open I tried to do some research.

But fuser came up empty

fuser /path/to/monero-storage/redacted/redacted.keys 

lsof at least found some traces monero-wallet-gui but the specific keys file was not opened

lsof | grep monero

I killed the process anyways but still the same error when trying to restart the wallet.(later I realized this where just leftovers from me starting the wallet gui before)

Then I moved on lookup for some hidden lock files but ls -la did not reveal anything in the monero-storage folder this revealed nothing.

So I gave up searching my self as this is all the linux knowledge I have to investigate.

But still curious to why this is happening I was wondering if someone where knows this error and what causes it?

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