I’m now a believer in Bitcoin, how much should I buy? Leave a comment

While I used to think cryptocurrency was either a fad or ponzi scheme, I now see that it could likely be the future.

While it has problems like no fraud protection, being difficult to purchase and store, and inconvenient for transactions, companies like coinbase and many others are building companies around addressing these problems.

It’s obviously volatile but it’s survived numerous major downturns, and even its lower bound is steadily increasing over time…

And the most interesting thing to me is when a nation’s economy fails many people actually turn to bitcoin, it just doesn’t have the infrastructure yet to be widely used

I’m seriously considering exchanging half my net worth, $100K USD for BTC, and using it over the next few years for purchases where I can and sending remittances to family abroad. I realize it’s extremely risky but I look at it as helping to shape the future by supporting the startups via transaction fees, and I believe the potential reward also outweighs the risk by far.

Anyone have insights as to whether I should buy and if 50% of my net worth is crazy?

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I’m now a believer in Bitcoin, how much should I buy?

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