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The fundamental battle taking place in the West and across the globe is between centralization of power, and decentralization.

It is between Big Tech, and Distributed Tech; Big Government, and Localized Government; Big Banks and Bitcoin; Wealth Creators in the middle and working classes, and the crony capitalists in finance and government siphoning their wealth away.

Predicting the actual outcome of this battle is impossible, but identifying the critical pieces and strategies that are more likely to protect an individual is useful.

Bitcoin: Decentralization’s Rocket Fuel

Bitcoin is critical. It is the center of the board in this battle, because finance is the fuel of the modern world and greed is the motivation behind the corruption we are fighting.

More than any other single factor Bitcoin is the tool with which corruption might be dismantled. It can end the collusion between the financial elite and the politicians they control, return power and prosperity to individuals and their families.

The majority of the world’s problems today can be traced back to this collusion, from needless wars for the benefit of the military industrial complex and the strategic vision of Israeli hawks to the hijacking of nutritional and medical science for the benefit of the processed food and pharmaceutical industries, the centralization of power in the world’s most powerful country, the United States, has made commandeering that infrastructure possible.

With a vibrant, diverse, decentralized system we would have had competition in science, competition in standards, competition in media so that the drums of war would have had to compete with the skeptical questions of dissident journalists. We wouldn’t have ended up with an obesity and diabetes epidemic fueled by processed foods, we wouldn’t have ended up with a global population numbed with psychoactive pharmaceuticals and getting increasing rates of mental illness.

Big Tech Boycott

Big Tech and its Orwellian surveillance and censorship are increasing the power of the state – and Big Tech is the financial elite.

From the billionaire founders and millionaire employees to the wealthy shareholders, Big Tech embodies Big Brother, and the values they promote from censorship to centralization of their own power are against the interests of personal freedom, healthy communities, and the vibrant, dynamic, diverse public discourse we need to build the best future possible.

As they shut down dissident voices and sterilize the public discourse, the mass of people living in social media echo chambers have no idea that there are other points of view, that there is more information, that there are arguments beyond the elite views of CNN, MSNBC, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the centralized communication oligopoly.

They are told dissent is hate speech, and are fed headlines and misinformation to algorithmically manipulate them with fear and anger. And it works.

So we need decentralized communication. We need censorship resistant networks, and we need it to become fashionable to reject homogeneity and thought control.

As individuals, we need to relentlessly choose the decentralized option every chance we have.

Reject Big Tech as much as possible, choose Tor not Chrome, and Brave and Firefox when Tor is impossible. Choose BitChute and LBRY not YouTube, de-Google your life, use ProtonMail and TutaNota, not GMail. Get off of the cloud and download your own data again, keep it on an encrypted hard drive. Give up the softening, weakening forces of convenience, and assume responsibility again.

Get Signal and Telegram and delete WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Like any other form of exercise, it will be hard at first, but it will make you stronger and stronger, and so become easier and easier.

Reject the Big Banks, reject fiat money, embrace anonymity, embrace Bitcoin. Use Wasabi wallet and CoinJoin, use Monero, take back your privacy from the monitoring of businesses and governments we’ve all been lulled into accepting.

Reject hate speech laws and thought control, and the homogenization of the global monoculture being forced on us, speak your mind and dissent with your choices. Arm yourself with statistics so the deception of media narratives falls apart. Look where they tell you not to, listen directly to those who are marginalized as thought criminals, and don’t trust filtered content.

If you begin escaping the cultural complex that has been created for others’ benefits, you will begin to improve your life and the life of your loved ones — your family, your community, and your nation.

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