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Hey guys — big time lurker here, any tips or idea are greatly appreciated!

I drank the Kool-Aid… I have become obsessed with blockchain, bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency space. I am a recent graduate (2019) with a major in Finance and minor in Information Systems. I currently work as a Financial Analyst for one of the largest banks in the US, my main focus is credit/underwriting. I am currently on tract to become more of a Relationship Manager (sales) within the next couple of years. Don't get me wrong I am appreciative I have a job especially during these tough times, but I am going to have a REALLY tough time trying to sell bank products that I can't truly get behind / don't believe in. Working at a bank has really opened my eyes to the inefficiencies that plague this industry. The future is digital, the future is the internet of money. I really want to break into the space for my professional career, especially in terms of sales, business development, or even project management. I know I do not have much experience now, but the future is just on the horizon and I don't want to be left behind. I do my best to research the space and learn something new everyday and I have the support/ability to pursue some type of graduate level education in the field. Is there anyone out there that is in the same boat?!

Question: How is one to break into the crypto space, especially someone who is more analyst/sales/business development oriented as opposed to someone in the tech development/engineering/coding space?

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Breaking into the Crypto Space (Professionally)?

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